Tired of rough, tired skin? Wake up with coffee. After you brew a cup to wake up your brain, take the wet grounds into the shower and wake up your skin. Not only will it smooth rough patches, it will help rid the appearance of cellulite thanks to the caffeine (an major active ingredient in cellulite creams).



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Videography: Kristen Van Genderen

Music: Justin Bostwick



I drink coffee at home every morning…will have to give this a try. I can use every trick I can! Thanks


It’s really amazing for your skin! In our family this beauty tips came from grandmother. She had started ir many many years ago, told my mother who still uses it and my mom told me about coffee as a scrub. In our family there are so-so-so many beauty tips that helps look better and more fresh!!!


I’ve never heard of this! Will definitely have to try.

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