JewelMint is Kate BosworthStyleMint has the Olsen Twins. Then there’s BeautyMint via Jessica Simpson, which I honestly don’t remember hearing anything about. Now one of the most stylish actresses ever is getting in on the personal-styling-not-so-personally action. Yeah, Rachel Bilson is getting in on the shoe game. Watch out ShoeDazzle!


Not gonna lie. I have never bought off of these sites. I join, I look, and often I find even cheaper versions. But, I’m pretty obsessed with Rachel Bilson, so the times may be a changin’. I almost bought those overpriced ice creams since she’s in the commercial. Still hoping they go on sale…

Ohh, and for those of you who don’t spend every waking hour online googling shoes and handbags, these sites I’m speaking of are personal-styling sites. Take a quiz, browse your custom showroom, and buy. Every item is a flat rate. They make it seem like you buy once a month, but you don’t have to. Or you can be like me and not buy at all. has more info!!



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