That extra-big bun is HUGE right now, pun intended. Hello, did you see J.Lo‘s bun at the Oscars? Goody sells actual forms to help you get that full-bun perfection, but the DIYers are opting for an old sock to do the trick.

I’ve partnered up with the ladies of FreedLove and will be sharing their skinny-budget fashion explorations here. Here’s round numero uno!

Sometimes you have to push the limits.  Enter the sock bun.  Lately, the girls around FreedLove have been going the distance when it comes to bun volume.  Here’s a little tutorial so you can try it yourself.

Grab a lonely sock that’s been single for a while, cut off its toe and roll it like a donut.

Channel your inner 80’s child and wrap your pony with the sock donut like a scrunchie.  Follow this with a good tease.

Roll it.  Pin it.

Works high or low. For more from the FreedLove ladies check out their blog —->



Great trick!! Question….did you stuff the sock to create that donut shape as shown in the second picture?


You roll the sock and it becomes that shape. Does that help? Thanks for reading!


You actually dont have to pin it. Bringng the donut to the end of the pony and let the hair fall around it. Then, start tucking the hair in while twisting the donut down the ponytail until you reach the scalp. Does that make sense? Very hard to explain. Before trying it, I thought it wouldn’t hold without pins, but it does!!!


That’s so cool! Will def have to try it that way. Hope my hair isn’t too long 🙂

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