Every fashion blogger,  mag reader and stylish individual is obsessed with Versace for H&M. It’s coming out tomorrow and it’s gotta be blogged about. I’m mapping out a plan of attack, even though I’ll most likely not buy anything.


The advertisements are stellar, as Life Sucks in A Strapless Bra points out, but the prices are far less than stellar for the skinny budget.

Most pieces are over $100.00, the dress pictured above is almost $250!!


I get it. That’s a steal for Versace, but it’s still H&M and diffusion lines are supposed to be affordable. Despite my frugal ways, I want to be there for opening day, at least to say I experienced this monumental occasion.

Plan of Attack: I’m not an aggressive shopper. Love trends and love deals, but not enough to camp out or fight for a garment. There’s nothing I’ll ever want bad enough to go medieval over. These are things, afterall. 

The one thing I would buy is an accessory, but even the majority are too pricy. This ring actually is reasonable.

Tag: Versace for H&M Cocktail Ring, $19.95 at H&M.

Take Note: This line is only available in select stores. Philly ladies, the Walnut Street location is the only place is PA to get the designs. None at KOP!

Are you camping out to get a piece of the sure-to-be sold out line? Leave a comment and let’s chat!!



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Yep, Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is getting it… I was in there the other day and the girl checking me out was all, “are you coming back on Saturday for the big Versace reveal?!!” I would rather stab my eyes out with that ring than squeeze through a drooling crowd of shoppers… eek! And the prices? I totally was totally proud of myself for getting an armful of clothing there for under $65… don’t think I’ll be partaking in the $250 dress!!

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