Velvet and I go way back, like most early memories kinda back. I wore a poofy, red velvet dress when I was five in a local holiday fashion show. I was so nervous. I also kind of loved it all, except for the fact that I was walking down the runway with a boy and he didn’t want to hold my hand prior our trip down the catwalk. Sigh, one of the many crushes that didn’t work out. My relationship with velvet has always made me feel like a princess. Now we are back on and it’s serious. I’m talking crushed-velvet-legging serious and there’s no trouble in paradise when it comes to our bond.

lori-goldstein-velvet-legging logo-by-lori-goldstein-velvet-leggings

Check it out. I wrote about my feelings for this fabrication over on the QVC blog.

I’m clearly going gaga for velvet right now, so the showroom below is filled velvet-licious styles that I’m eyeing. Tis the season to treat yoself a little! Velvet has always made me feel and look special, plus there are SO many ways to wear it … velvet leggings (pictured above, and I just bought them!), velvet vest, velvet boots, or velvet dress or even a  velvet clutch. The list goes on!

How about you? Are you vibing with velvet? Share you style take by commenting below or connect with me on social media @JessieHoleva.

Xo, Jessie

{ Viva La Velvet! }

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