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This blog post isn’t all about trends, it’s about why we love them. Why do we spend money on the “it bag”? Why do you choose to wear a blazer for a meeting, but save the sequin dress for a night out?

Fashion is an artform and the clothes, bags, shoes, and baubles are all different tools in your art kit. And art, art is there to express emotion.

When I get dressed, I think about my mood or the vibe I want to give out. Like a painting or a great piece of music, it’s about creativity and conveying a feeling. Art should make you feel something. When you hear a ballad, you feel what the artist is singing about. When I throw on a head thong, I feel bohemian and carry a piece of that feeling with me throughout my day. Not only am I feeling a certain way by my fashion choices, but I’m putting it out to the people I encounter.

fashion art

I know, it may sound a little weird to think about dressing to create art, but that’s what we’re all doing every day, creating a look. We’ll wear a power suit to feel powerful and command respect from peers, or opt for lacy lingerie to feel sexy and set the tone for a romantic night.

Think about it. Would you really covet so many different styles if you weren’t trying to capture feeling powerful, fun, sexy, classic, earthy, hipster, or conservative? We want to create a look and have it say something. It’s why someone will ask what  Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night says to you. Well outfits speak too, some louder than others.

Designers create art, and we (our own personal stylists) remix it to make it our own. So here’s my question. What’s something you love to wear and why? What does it say? Comment below!

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