By Brooke

It goes without question that Sandy has given us the perfect reason to scope out galoshes. Out of all rain wear, galoshes are the most practical item to add to your wardrobe, plus they’re most fun to dress up! I’m still haunted with the thought of the hideous bulky yellow rain boots my parents used to make me wear as a child. But celebs like Hilary Duff have been spotted casually rocking this look reviving hope to this trend! Hilary has made Hunter boots a staple item in her wardrobe, and we can see why. When you search images for celebs in rain boots, all that pops up are pictures of Hunter boots, a lot of pictures. Although these boots tend to run on the more expensive side (a Trend-Hungry approved splurge), there are a lot of ways to get this look without emptying your bank account. Feeling a little skeptical about investing in a pair of galoshes? Here are a few reasons that put our savvy-saving minds at ease …



1. Sandy. I think that should say enough.

2. Showoff your style. These babies come in all sorts of fun patterns and prints. They can liven up the most simple outfit while serving their purpose.

3. Utilize for layers. Think galoshes are only wearable in the rain? Think again! Throw on a pair of wool knee high socks. Your galoshes are now the perfect snow shoes. Water-proof perfection!

4. 24/7/365. Yup, that’s right. In the summer, match galoshes with a sundress for those rainy days. Or be prepared for the next hurricane or snowstorm.

5. Functional fashion. Rainwear can you last years. Invest in a quality pair and you’ll avoid the constant scavenge for a pair. Plus, they go great with a chic trenchcoat and umbrella!

Find the perfect galoshes to add to your wardrobe plus lots of other cute rain wear for under $100. Comment below to weigh in on this weather-resistant trend.

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