Here at the Trend Hungry HQ, we are all about accessories. You can have a plain dress, shirt, whatever and create a totally different look just by the way you accessorize. Whether I’m styling a look for a client, a TV segment, or just for myself,I rely on statement necklaces and here’s why.

statement necklaces under $25

1. They take little thought. Throw it on, and go.

2. Attention ahead. Bling around you neck draws the eye there, and isn’t that where people should be looking anyway?

3. Compliment magnet. They aren’t called “statement necklaces” for no reason and tend to reel in the “Ooo’s,” “Aahhs,” and the “where did you get that?” remarks.

4. Adds style. Whether you have jeans and a tee on or pair your necklace with a little black dress, a statement necklace makes you look more styled, even though like point #1 says, it takes little thought and effort.

Since these babies tend to be memorable it’s good to have a few in rotation. The six pictured are under $25.

1. A Girl Can Gleam Blue Statement Necklace, $15.00 at LuLu*s.

statement necklace under $25
Only $15 and super wearable, make sure your guard is up or someone may be tempted to snatch this right off your neck. I know I would. 

2. Material Girl Necklace, Gold-Tone Stone Statement Necklace, $18.99 $8.99 at Macy’s.

cheap-chic statement necklaces
Under $10, this bright shade is still very wearable. Mix with a printed blouse for a  look that screams full-on fashionista.

3. My Fair Pharaoh Gold Rhinestone Necklace, $20.00 at LuLu*s.

lulus statement necklace
Talk about making a statement. This blinged-out beauty will definitely attract attention.

4. Apt. 9 Gold Tone Spike Swag Necklace$28.00 $19.50 at Kohl’s.

apt 9 spike necklace
For when you’re feeling tough, this gold hardware will add edge to your ensemble.

5. Mirage Mahal Layered Pink and Green Necklace, $24.00 at LuLu*s.

cheap statement necklaces
Colorful, yet with a vintage vibe.

6. Pim + Larkin Tricolor Arrow Necklace, $34.00 $23.00 at Piperlime.

Pim + Larkin Tricolor Arrow Necklace
Keep it casual and pair with jeans and a baggy sweater. This necklace is perfect-o for a cool weekend look. 

Which of these suit your style? Let us know in the comments below!



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