In honor of Earth Day it’s time to conserve, especially when it comes to fashion! P.S. It def fits a skinny budget!!

BYOB: When you shop bring your own bag! A reusable bag is more sturdy and it’s good for the environment. Use it when snagging the latest new clothes, cosmetics or even groceries.

Another thing to bring when out and about? Your own cup! Those Starbuck’s cups are piling up and if you can help cut down the production and use, then why not? Starbucks rewards good behavior with a FREE cup of coffee or tea on Earth Day!

VINTAGE: As for your outfit staying eco-chic opt for vintage. This can mean buying a leather coach bag from a thrift shop for under $10.00 (my most recent purchase), or wearing your mom’s belts and earrings from the 1970’s – cheap, unique, and retro is very haute!

PAY IT FORWARD: Cleaning out your closet? If something is in good condition take to a consignment shop. They’ll sell it and pass it on to a new owner while you’ll make a few bucks. Whatever they don’t take can go to charity. Now others can enjoy your old favorite jeans as much as you did!

UPCYCLE: Hit up a thrift store and make old new again or rework what you’ve already got. Make a bracelet out of an old shoelace or use an old ice-cube tray to store cocktail rings. Check out on of my favorite blogs turned book P.S. I Made This. You’ll get inspired by this blogger’s stylish creations!

Get aFREE BAG that’s made from upcycled materials by Nahui Ollin that’s made from candy wrappers!!!  

Go to the Trend Hungry Page on Wired 96.5 to enter!!

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