Are you looking for the latest “IT” bag that all the magazines are featuring? Hunny, you don’t have to envy anyone because you can totally have it on a skinny budget … or even for FREE!! Got a special giveaway. The creative talent behind Nice Rakc and I got together to create a fabulous one-of-a-kind bag. And trust me, it pains me to give it away so don’t enter so I can keep it?

Trend: Envelope Clutches

Hungry: Specially Designed Handmade Clutch by Nice Rakc.

There’s no price to feature because this clutch has been made exclusively for a trend-hungry fashionista. So do you want to be the owner of this fabulous bag? It’s simple. Here are the methods for you to choose from …

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This is going on for a whole week so share the love and tell your friends. I’m doing another giveaway next week so keep checking back! Good luck! For more on this trend click here!

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