I freakin’ love FEDORAS! A few years ago I got my trusty fedora ( from Charlotte Russe, mad cheap!) and I wore it everywhere. I was known on campus as fedora girl for a few weeks, which I embraced. This trend is still crave-worthy and it’s all about the straw fedora. You can totally rock the look, trust me! Here I am back when I first fancied a fedora!

Now for some new fedoras to fit your skinny budget!!

Sandy Summer

Tag: Mossimo Supply Co. Paper Woven Fedora – Orange, $12.99 at Target.

Flower Fedora!

Tag: Floral Band Fedora, $9.99 at Tilly’s.

Baby Blue Tag:David & Young Straw Fedora, $18.00 at Nordstrom.

So which do you like? Share your fashion opinion by leaving a comment!!















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