It’s summa summa time (summer)! Protect yourself girllll, from the harmful rays. Accessorize with a floppy hat fit for a fashionista.

Trend: Floppy Hats

Here’s what I’m hungry for. One is sure to satisfy your appetite too.

1. Feminine Boho

Tag: David & Young Floppy Straw Hat, $20.00 at Nordstrom.

2. Picnic Proper

Tag: Jessica Simpson Hat, Large Bow Floppy, Was $38.00, Now $14.99 at Macy’s.

3. Sun-Bathing Beauty

Tag: Merona Coconut Buckle Floppy Hat – Brown, $12.99 at Target.

Want to hear this trend hit radio airwaves? Head to the Trend Hungry page on Wired 96.5’s website.





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Hats are hot

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