Life has been extra fab lately. I’m extra tired and literally slept my Sunday away, but I’m thrilled and so appreciative for all I get to do.

So what have I been up to? A whole heck lot! There will be some design tweaks coming to the site soon, so look out for that fun change, and I’m going to be adding personal style posts too (makes me nervous, but it’s time!). Other than that, I just got a gig as a Style Expert for QVC (so I’ll be on-air on QVC, SO excited!!!), started blogging for (my inner journalist nerd screams with joy!), and I’ve got a really fun collaboration coming soon to the blog with lots of goodies in store for you, including an invitation to a fashionable event (can’t wait to tell you more!!!), so stay tuned as we’ll be unveiling it soon.

As for right now, check me out on the KMart fashion blog! As a fashionista on a budget, I know it’s all in the styling and I hand-selected five trend-hungry approved pieces from KMart! Hope you like my cheap-chic finds!

Budget Fashion Expert Jessie Holeva KMart Fashion



Big congratulations to you! Well done!


Thanks Erica!! Appreciate the support! 🙂

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