Summertime is the time for effortless style. Versatile statement pieces take little thought and are a must when packing light for upcoming getaways. Metal hardware for my wrist is on my summer-shopping list. I want a big piece that requires little accessorizing. Plus the cutout trend is a current fave of mine.

So here we go. It’s splurge vs steal and I gotta say that I like the steal more, way more. The textured feature makes it look more luxe and unique.


Tag: nOir D’oro Pentagon Cut-Out Cuff Bracelet, $150.00 @ Endless / Just Acces Boje Cuff, $21.00 @ Asos.

Okay, this is the part where you play blogger. Comment below and give your opinion. Like the steal? Hate it? Comment and I’ll comment back 🙂

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