I know this may seem odd because it’s winter and shades are associated with summer.  But ask yourself what looks more stylish…an outfit with them or without? I knew you would agree. Sunglasses are that last little touch of class before you step out into the world.  I’d stay away from crazy colors and stick to black or brown styles.  A face chart will help you figure out the right style for you.  Here are a couple of styles that not only work well for most face shapes, but also for most wallets.

Vintage Wayfarer

19. Smash Vintage Luke Wayfarer, $14 at BlueFly.

Unionbay Aviator Combination Sunglasses

20. Aviator Combination Sunglasses, $14 at Kohls.

It’s not hard to stay warm and stylish on a budget. I hope this list will help you build a foundation for your winter wardrobe and introduce you to some new trends as well. I own all the items listed and keep them in rotation all season.  Building off of your basics is the best way to establish your own personal style so be brave and try something new!


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