Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the only kind of denim I wear.  I find that they’re the most flattering style on my petite frame.  I have so many pairs, it’s disgusting, and I especially love them during the winter months. Why? Because they tuck easiest into all my boots! I strongly dislike the look of denim scrunched, bunched and stuffed into a boot…it just looks a mess.  Not only are they complementary to boots, but also look great with slouchy sweaters, jackets, vests and button downs.  Denim is something I consider an investment. If taken care of properly, jeans can last you a very long time, which is why I sometimes spend on the high end for better quality.  A couple of brands I swear by are Current/Elliott and Siwy Denim. Both are extremely comfortable…to the point where it doesn’t even feel like your wearing jeans. If you’re not ready to spend a little more, especially on a style that you’re unsure of, then try these options below.  They’re both affordable, and afterwards you can decide if skinny is right for you.

Skinny Jean 2

15. Mid Rise Ultra Skinny Jean, $17.49 at Charlotte Russe.

Skinny Jean 1

16. Forever Skinny Jeans, $17.69 at Lord & Taylor.

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