Ever reached into your jewelry box for one necklace and pulled out a tangled mess? How many times have you dropped the whole thing on the floor, precious pieces bouncing away never to be seen again? It’s time to get your jewelry organized, and it’s easier (and more fun!) than you think.

how to organize jewelry

1. Break it Down by Color

Color coding your collection of jewelry is a simple way to start organizing. As visual creatures, our brains love organized color schemes and tend to remember items like jewelry by their appearance.

Start by dividing your jewelry into separate sections. If possible, find a container that that has many compact pockets to help keep your different groupings of jewelry organized, like those found at Get Organized. Spreading all items out into smaller groups will allow you to instantly know where to locate the pieces you desire instead of having to dig through larger compartments that contain piles of random accessories. Finding the perfect blue earrings (and both of them!) to match your top will never be a hassle again!

2. Hang It Out

Necklace tangles are the number one cause of jewelry frustration. Throw in a couple of hoop earrings and a beaded bracelet and you can find yourself in knots for hours!

Hanging jewelry is smart way of keeping pieces separate and tangle free, meaning you’ll never have to get rid of a good chain because of tangles. It’s also a great way to be able to quickly see what your options are when it comes to deciding what to wear.

There are hundreds of jewelry hangers out there, available in shapes and sizes to suit anyone’s taste. To be budget friendly, though, why not hang your jewelry from a coat hanger in your closet? You can loop chains over the bar for safe storage and if your hanger has a foam or material lining simply pop your stud earrings in and attach tight for safe keeping. You can use this tip when traveling too– just don’t forget to take them with you when you leave!

Quick Tip: Always hang your jewelry sets together and your earrings in pairs so that you don’t waste time hunting down.

3. Magnetize

For a modern approach to jewelry storage, head to an office supply store like Staples and pick up a magnetized whiteboard, blackboard or picture board. At a reasonable price, these provide a great space for you to organize your jewelry and have it on show! You can even decorate around your jewelry, making the board a statement piece in your bedroom or bathroom.

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect accessory board, take some pieces with you to test out if the magnetic boards are strong enough to hold your jewelry. Remember, if something’s not sticking, you can always find some small magnets.

4. Create a Jewelry Mobile

If you feel like getting crafty and want your charms to shine even when you’re not wearing it, why not create a jewelry mobile?

With necklaces doubling as strings and rings as baubles, your jewelry can make a great hanging centerpiece, adding bling to any space! All you’ll need is a hook to hang your mobile from the roof and some thin pieces of wood or plastic to create a base structure. (For inspiration, check out Pinterest!)

Quick Tip: Don’t use your everyday jewelry for this activity, or you’ll quickly get frustrated with having to take the whole thing apart each morning. Instead, think of this as a way to give your not-every-day jewelry a second life.

Organizing is the key to keeping your trimmings and trinkets in tip-top shape and easy to access! Straighten up your jewelry today and never let wads tangled-ness frazzle you ever again!

Guest post by Lauren Sherritt



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