Hi there and happy Sunday! Yesterday I was in NYC for the AM to attend a fabulous blogger brunch where I got to meet some cool people and nibble on yummy bites – thanks Rebecca from A Daily Something for throwing such a beautiful blogger brunch! Today I slept till noon (hate when I do that), but needed rest because tomorrow’s to-do list is HUGE, including lots of blogging and prepping for an upcoming shoot with eHow!!

I’ve also been busy Fung Shui-ing my apartment and attending yoga, both of which I totally believe are bringing goodness and opportunity into my life.  Okay, without boring you more about my life, here are four blog posts hand selected by yours truly. Read and share w/ hashtag #4u2read!

Image Via Gilt Group

1. Weeds is what put Copenhagen on the fashion map for me (remember Silas got his modeling start there). Check out what walked down the runway for their Fashion Week. – Fashion Indie

2. Are babies assholes? You may not agree with this article, but it’s pretty funny, so read it! – Jezebel

3. Is sleeping in your bra good for you? This beauty myth must be answered! – Stylelist

4. Get the look for less of one of the girls from Bravo’s new show Gallery Girls. – The Budgetista


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