Happy Sunday! Put your feet up. Enjoy your coffee. And check out my four must-reads of this week! I was feeling a little DIYish, as you may be able to tell from my picks below. If ya like what you read, do me a solid and tweet it with the hashtag #4U2Read.


Image Via The Girl Next Dior

Kate Middleton is an outfit repeater (aka recessionista!) and here’s the proof. – Fashionista

Create your own nail polish. This easy DIY is perfect for a skinny-budget beauty addict. – The Girl Next Dior

Product junkie? Swap your favorite pricy cosmetics for these affordable (and similar) substitutes. – Refinery 29

Color your world, or at least the ends of your hair. Here are three products that do the do. – LA In The Bay

Enjoy your Sunday! XO!






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