Hipster or not, Free People is an addiction – a dangerous addiction. Because Free People? Not so free. Between the cute clothes and not-so-cute price tags, it’s pretty easy to drop the equivalent of a semester’s textbooks worth of cash in one Free People spree.

Je n’aime pas… Luckily, what is for sale often ends up on sale. This week’s steal comes to us from Free People and it’s cute, versatile, and costs less than a quarter of what it did a few weeks ago!

Tag: Short Sleeve Lurex Flutter Tee, $128 $29.95 @ Free People.
This flutter tee is perfect for pairing with high-waisted shorts for a casual day look or a high waisted bandage skirt for a night out on the town. It also works for a variety of body types! For the flat-chested girl, the folds create the illusion of curves and add volume to a small frame. For the curvier girl, the flowy material skims is flattering and forgiving – no need to worry about that extra scoop of Ben & Jerry’s!
LLE ( a new weekly contributor to TrendHungry!)

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