Looking for some new threads to add to your wardrobe? Duh! If you are reading this blog, odds are you like clothes, and shoes, and bags, and fashion of course! Well I’ve just attended my first clothing swap party and it was a total hit.

Grab your stylish girlfriends, bring gently worn clothes you’re not into anymore, spread them out, start swapping, and help yourself to a cocktail. It’s the perfect girl’s night. You get rid of the excess clothes in your closet, snag some new additions (hopefully one will be an item you’ve envied), and have fun without spending any cash money.


This picture is only a few of the items I walked away with. I also got a few more dresses, a white tee, jeans, and some Lia Sophia jewelry (my friend Kristen’s mom used to sell it, score!  – p.s. Kristen shoots all the Trend Bite videos, new one will be up next week!).

Kate, Kristen, & Me (Jessie) Swapping Clothes / Wearing Wigs!

It was so fun that we’re planning another one. I vote we create a signature cocktail for it. Who’s in? And, do you know of any fashion-forward drinks? A fashionista? Or a a skinny girl something or other? I love Bethany Frankel and I also love the word skinny (calories & budget).

Have you ever had a swap party? Comment below or Facebook me!

XO! Jessie

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