1. I am all about looking chic on the cheap. 2. I’m a lifelong skinny-budget fashionista. 3. I used to get all my school clothes at JCPenney and it’s still one of my favorite stores. 4. Getting a deal shouldn’t be stressful 5. That’s why I still find myself going back to JCPenney. 6. Check out my latest JCPFind!

It’s a sheer coverup and JCP was kind enough send me a gift card to snag this must-have item. I love it for many reasons, but here are a select few.

1. It’s goes with any bathing suit. 2. It allows me to showoff my suit while covering up. 3. It’s doubles for a night out. Add a bandeau top or a tank underneath and wear it with white skinny jeans.

Tag: St. John’s Bay Swimsuit Cover Up, Sheer, $20.00 @ JCPenney.

How would you wear it? With a bright bikini? As a mini dress? Comment below!

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This swimsuit is gorgeous! I would definitely wear it with a mini dress.
By the way, I absolutely loved your latest post on IFB featuring blogging and press! It was so inspiring and helpful. Thank you!



Thanks Meera! I really appreciate the great feedback!! Will be sure to check out your site! Xo!

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