Looking for a pop of color? Barbie heels are on the menu, but I prefer the finer-looking things, that cost a lot less than my rent.

Kelly Osbourne was spotted wearing bright-pink pumps a few weeks ago with a black dress. They made the whole look more youthful. If you’re going to buy one pair of bright heels, it might as well be pink. Haven’t you heard for the last ten years that it’s the new black? Just ask Barbie. She wore the color daily.


Barbie's Shoe Closet by Patricia Morel @ Deviant Art

Those shoes above are adorable and we all have a soft spot for pink pumps thanks to all those years playing with our dolls. Wet your appetite with pink pumps you can afford and that come in your size.

P.S. The point toe is a shoe-closet necessity.

L: Splurge:  Isabel pump from Jimmy Choo, $499.00 @ Farfetch.

R: Steal: Bailey Pump from Worthington, $35.00 @ JCPenney.

The shade may not be the exact same, but the JCP find suits my skinny budget and my style.

Want more pink? These shoes should do the trick.


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