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Bye bye bye 2012 and hello 2013! The new year gives us the fresh start we need. It’s the perfect opportunity to reevaluate our goals, aspirations, and closets. So what do you want your style to say in this blossoming new year? How about channeling a little Mother Nature in pretty floral prints?

Folky florals are definitely on our trend radar as the new boho chic. Last year’s rendition of bohemian chic incorporated a variety of fringe, earth tones, and patchwork. 2013 bohemian will still keep a base of earth tones but also include different folky florals that are unique in their own way. Whether Asian or European inspired, this trend is fun because it can be worn on a dress, blouse, or even trousers. The textures, embroidery, and color schemes of folky florals differ depending on the piece but quickly add character and depth to your look.

Questioning the appeal of folky florals? Here are a few reasons to give this trend a chance…

1. Retro. They scream vintage, fun, and unique…not to mention they’re totally a blast from the past. This is a trend that’s worn differently by every person.
2. Music-Fest Ready. Coachella, Made in America, Bonnaroo…it’s time to plan ahead. In the age of indie music, fashion and tunes go hand in hand. Think Woodstock. It was as much about the music as the fashion.
3. Mix & Match. Wear a Renaissance-inspired top with studded jeans or a folky-floral sundress with wooden sunglasses. Or try a lace top with high-waisted floral pants…the options never end!
4. Day to Night. Go from the office to happy hour. Take a folky-floral blouse from day to night by swapping out jeans and boots for dress pants and pointy heels. It’s professional and quirky enough that it works!
5. Florals Forever. This is one of those trends that will keep coming back. That means you can score it at a thrift shop for cheap, then have it for a years to come.
Shop our picks for folky florals and be ready for your next social outing.
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Wow those prints are something else!
Now I’m convinced that i need more florals in my wardrobe
Thank you for sharing

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