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Oh Happy Day! It’s time to get your sh*t together girl (I’m talking to myself too). Put on your big-girl panties on and be a boss lady… in style, of course!

1. A Planner Fit For A Fashionista. I know, we’re all so digital now. I rely on my ical so my plans are on my phone and computer, and they’re backed up on my icloud. But, nothing replaces writing things down. Maybe a tangable planner won’t be the only place you store your plans, but it’s a good place for task lists. Plus, how cute is this planner? It’s on sale… 2013 STRUT YOUR STUFF DESK DIARY $98.00 $49.00

 And if that’s too big, opt for this mini version. So cute!

2. A Fancy Pen. My Dad told me that pens and watches are status symbols and these are the little details you want perfected for potential business opportunities. Don’t go for a pen with a feather top (loved those in middle school!) or a free pen from the bank. get one that represents you and your business. I’m a creative, so a fun pattern works. Lilly Pulitzer Boxed Pen ORIG:$20.00 $12.00  

3. Cute Clips. These babies will secure important papers. Seriously, aren’t the just so freakin’ adorable? Flower Paper Clips $3.99

 4. DIY Dry-Erase Board. I found this on Pinterest and added this to my to-do list. Hang over your desk to jot down all your ideas. It’s so simple. All you need is a frame with glass and some pretty paper or even fabric. Place inside the frame, get som dry-erase markers, and let your creative juices flow. Click here for the tutorial.
So how do you get organized? Comment below!

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OMG love that planner! The title of your post reminded of a print I just bought:

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