Stop only looking to your favorite magazine for outfit ideas. Instead, turn to the tube. TV shows offer up a whole range of style. Here are five I watch just for that.

mad men style

1. Mad Men. This show is all about authenticity to the time period the show is set in, the early 1960’s. Estee Lauder did limited-edition Mad Men makeup two seasons in a row in line with the season premiere. Retro packaging with makeup to match. Are you a Joan or a Betty?

girls hbo fashion trends

 2. Girls. The show is a little too, wait, a lot too hipster, but some of the styles are pretty cool. Marnie’s sexy hostess uniform with the clip-on suspenders? Loved it! And Shoshanna’s weird hairdos do inspire me to pin them on my hair board on Pinterest.

the carrie diaries fashion

 3. The Carrie Diaries. The show hasn’t lived up to the hype, but the clothes are still cool. It’s Carrie Bradshaw in the early 80’s. It’s pretty fab for stylish workwear only the young professional can pull off.

Pretty Little Liars outfits

4. Pretty Little Liars. I’m 25 and love watching these high schoolers try to solve the whole “A” mystery while prancing around in trendy items  my high school would have never allowed. What high school allowed spaghetti straps??


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