Are you ready for the turban takeover? That’s right, turbans are now in style!?!? Yes, that’s a question. Much like some of the judges on E!’s Fashion Police, I’m not sure how terrific the turban trend is or if we’ll all look back in a year and say “OMG what was I wearing,” much like we do with every bowl cut, perm, or choppy bang.

Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Olsen are among the celebs workin’ the head-wrap craze. But does it make you look crazy? Too bohemian or ethnic, perhaps?

When Sex and the City 2 came out, main character Carrie Bradshaw (pictured above, second from left) was noted for her glam turban. Somehow, the population didn’t run out in masses to copy the look. Perhaps the reason for the turban trend now sparking is because designers are showing the headpiece in Spring 2010 fashion lines.

A turban-inspired headband, (like what Ashley Olsen is sporting by Prada) might be a more practical way to get the head-turning-turban look without going “all the way.”  A hefty price for a trend that might be gone tomorrow isn’t smart. Here’s a similar style I found of for $11.00 – which sounds alot better than the over $300.00 pricetag of the Prada headband pictured.

Forever 21 is supposed to be coming out with turbans that will retail for only $5.00. As of right now this knitted turban was the only one to be found on

Either way, turbans are a trending topic of the fashion world. If you’re daring enough, stick with one that suits your turby style!


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