In Lauren Conrad’s new book Style she talks about nail polish being used as an accessory. If you really want your nails to pop and shine then a minx manicure is the ultimate nail bling – but it can be pricy, $55.00 on average, and not too many places offer minx.

I’ve wanted to try out a minx manicure ever since seeing Katy Perry’s twitpics of her outrageous nail designs. And now, I’ve done it. In the comfort of my own home I gave myself a totally amazing, chic, unconventional mani/pedi. Here’s the 411.

Who: Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Katy Perry all love minx.

What: Minx manicure inspired Chic Prints for nails by OPI available at Sephora for $15.00. They’re nail decals that cover entire nail with unique patterns and designs. I used the black and gold geometric that’s pictured.  Pack includes 16 sheets – enough for one use, plus a few extras.

When: I applied the nail designs this past Monday night. Took about fifteen minutes.  I removed my minx Thursday night – lasting me three days total, one day longer than package claims.

Wear: Looked beautiful and very shiny. No chipping! On last day a few edges began to peel up due to washing hands so much. It’s day six and my toenails still look perfectly intact and as radiant as ever.

Why: They’re super chic and are an eye-catching accessory. I received tons of compliments (especially from strangers) while wearing my minx!

How: Measured nail to sheet, rubbed sheet to activate it to stick to nail, placed sheet on nail and smoothed it down, folded excess and filed in a downward direction to remove it. It wasn’t listed in the directions, but I then applied a topcoat of nail polish to ensure a lengthy wear. To use the extra sheets I applied designs to each big toe and then polished other toenails with Commander in Chic by Sally Hansen.

My opinion: Go get yourself some minx. I don’t recommend them for all the time, due to costing $15.00 for a short weartime. It’s relatively fast and user friendly – great for special occasions, when you want some extra sparkle.


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