By Brooke

Life is full of rules. Rules in school, rules at work, and in sports…rules, rules, rules. But fashion is that one thing that
allows you to break free from the norm. Yes there will always be trends and style fads but overall you’re the gatekeeper to maximizing your personal style. Varsity jackets. When I hear varsity jackets, I immediately think of  going steady in high school or rivalry football games in college. They’re an item that was made popular by the boys but LOVED by girls. Think about it. Varsity jackets are the most ideal jacket ever. They’re comfy, roomy, warm, and not to mention
completely adorable.

Varsity jackets aren’t just for the boys. Guys like One Direction, Pharrell and Justin Bieber have been spotted rocking these jackets like it’s their job, but the ladies have a way of taking this trend to another level.  Going for a relaxed look? Throw a fitted jacket over a plain white deep V-neck paired with black tights, knee high boots and hoops with a nude lip for sleekness and you’re set. If you’re in the mood to be sexy, a tight t-shirt dress, pumps, a red matte lip matched
with an over-sized boyfriend jacket is surely a neck breaker. Or wear it daily as your outer layer and get the most out of it.

Grocery shopping, class, sport events…whatever, varsity jackets are totally appropriate. And the best thing about them is they NEVER go out of style! Whether they’re fitted, over-sized, or stolen from your dad’s closet, varsity jackets will always be cool. Varsity jacket with jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt = cool. Varsity jacket with a shorts, a short sleeve polo and loafers = even cooler. Afraid school pride is too much of a thing of that past? That’s okay! This trend is a classic, regardless of if stole your jacket from an ex or bought it on sale at  Forever 21.

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