By Kelsey

H&M, please don’t mistake your new overpriced, Maison Martin Margiela collaboration, with the idea that you are now trendy. Maison Margiela, a Belgian designer, who is seen more at exclusive boutiques then shopping malls has created a one-of-a-kind line for H&M.  Margiela is known for out-of-the-box fashion that may, or may not deserve a second look. The Maison Martin Margiela line, debuting in H&M today (with people lined up since yesterday AM), is not like anything you’ve seen in the store before and neither are the prices. Ranging from $12.95 for accessories to $399 dollars for a jacket, this isn’t the normal for H&M.

Jeans $69.95 // Bodysuit $39.95

Just viewing the collection online, I can make a clear-cut statement that I will not be a fan. If I wanted to wear my jeans inside out I would… for free, not pay $100 to look like I got dressed in the dark. Call me boring, lame, or ignorant about the fashion world, but I refuse to wear shoes that look like a nun and a stripper designed together, really, a plexi wedge? Gross.  An oversized fanny pack? Is that a joke?!?! I just don’t understand where anyone looked at this and decided; yeah this is a great idea.

Leather Pumps $299

 Don’t get me wrong, the trousers and blazers in the line look like they are cut great, very sleek, but I don’t go into H&M to spend $300 on one piece.  I feel as the shoppers at H&M will be very thrown off by this line. H&M is known for trendy fashion at a reasonable price, not a lock of hair around a necklace, that is just incredible creepy. And let’s be honest, nude leggings look awkward on everyone. H&M and the Maison Martin Margiela line will not be getting one cent from me. Too spendy for a such a trendy store.

Agree or disagree?  Comment below!

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Oh My Gosh! When I saw the first picture, I was thinking to myself, “I really hope this girl doesn’t praise this design” Luckily you didn’t. I totally agree with you … something has been off with H&M lately. I don’t know if it’s the designers, buyers … whoever … but they need to get their act together. The last year or so I go in there expecting to find the most amazing pieces to add to my collection and I walk out disappointed.

Thank you for letting me vent … rant over 🙂


I’m going to agree with this one girlfriend. I had to look at those jeans a few times and realize that it’s the waist that’s completely throwing me off… they sort of look like a Dali painting (not in a good way either).
Spendy…not trendy in the slightest.
stay fabulous.


Yup, I agree…the top look is just hideous. And I just checked out the collection online…not a fan. :/

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