Here’s a secret about me that’s not really much of a secret. I love reading my horoscope. I thoroughly enjoy reading up on my sign and even watch astrology readings on Youtube. What can I say, it’s an interest of mine and has been for as long as I can remember. So today I thought I’d share with you my main places that keep me informed of what’s in the stars.


{ My Main Squeeze }  Ophira and Tali Edut make up the dynamic duo known as the AstroTwins. I first noticed them on The Real Housewives of New York, Deena goes to them (namaste bitches).  So I then searched for them online. Turns out I had been a fan of their and didn’t realize, as they pen the astrology readings on Refinery 29 that I regularly read.

They also have their own site,, which is my main hub for horoscopes on the regular. I like the way they’re written. The reports are thorough enough but not way too long or confusing and there are different options to read – daily, weekly, monthly, love, health, and more.

They also offer personal readings and a slew of cool AstroTwins  books & ebooks, including an Astrology planner, Momstrology, an even shoe astrology.

{ Quick Look Ahead } Short on time and too lazy to read? Try a Glamourscope by Susan Miller. These two-three minute videos by Glamour Magazine give an overview for what’s ahead based on your sign for the year ahead.

{ Detailed } So, sometimes I want to hear a long reading. That’s when I go to Kelley Rosano’s YouTube. Her reports are definitely more lengthly and go in-depth, so I’ll watch when I’m alone and unwinding, often after journaling. She also ends each video by singing a song, which made me jump the first time. Hey, the internet is a platform and you can create and share what brings you joy and I think that’s what she’s doing. Like the banner of her channel says, “live your divine passion.”

Do I believe everything I hear or read in a horoscope? No, but it helps me be mindful and I enjoy reading it when I’m feeling reflective.

Do you check your horoscope? Have a site you like to visit for astrology readings? Comment below to share your fabulous perspective.

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