#1. How good was the finale!?! #2. How weird/sexy was Mrs. Don’s party behavior?!?! #3. How bad do you want the look on a budget?

I literally mention Mad Men every chance I get. I am OBSESSED, but the marketed merch is kind of pricey (a dress for $150 at Banana Republic). Here are my mad tips of getting a touch of that 1960’s look for less.


1. The Bag. We all NEED a lady bag. Wear it to church, the office, on a first date, or to a Mad Men viewing party ( I’ll bring  Chex Mix on my 1960’s plates I inherited from my grandparents).

This one looks just like Joan’s!

Tag: Mad Men Bag, $24.00 at Etsy.

2. The Lip. A red lip is timeless and everyone really could wear it! Plus it makes you look put together when you had no time do fix your hair or do up your eyes. Estee Lauder came out with a pretty red color in honor of the show, but it’s $20. I got it as a gift and love it, but I love my Loreal infallable stain WAY MORE. Beyonce’s shade is the ‘it’ shade. Read about it here.

3. Retro Accessories. If you gotta have the real deal, then opt for accessories from Banana Republic. The clothes are too pricey, but one pair of earrings won’t break the bank.

Tag: The Mad Men® Collection Flower-Stud Earring, $35.00 at Banana Republic.


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