I’ve been on the hunt for a specific hue in colored denim – lavender. It’s been calling my name, but not my wallet’s name (she goes by Betty, I just made that up).

The only places I could find this color was designer denim at boutiques and I wasn’t trying to spend close to $200 on this trendy item.


That’s all in the past. I’ve just stumbled upon a site that I’m kind of digging called Very. It lets you search by trend and price – both major pluses for this trend addict.

Like my find? Comment below and let me know!

Tag: South Pure Seventh-eighths Length Skinny Jeans, $35.00 at Very.com.

Take Note: UK sizes so use the size chart!

Ohh, and you were looking for blue, bright pink, bubblegum pink, or yellow they’ve got that too!

And if you were wondering, I want to wear polka dot nails with these skinnies!



LOVE!! I too have been looking for lavender and the cheapest pair I’d found up to this point was $160 (eek). Thanks for sharing!


I am seriously in LOVE with those jeans! This is exactly the color I need! Great find!


Thanks! I have been hunting for this hue for a while. 🙂


I looked on Very.com and can not find these lavender jeans. Any suggestions?

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