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The presidential election is slowly creeping close which means one thing: It’s time to take a Trend Hungry Survey. Is your closet filled with A) black and neutrals or B) pouring in prints and stripes?? If you answered A don’t worry, you are not alone! I, along with the majority of fashionistas, have go-to pieces that are hard to stray from. But, we must make a pledge to think outside the box!

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Striped pants are a trend that’s commonly avoided because of the fear of looking stubby and wide. Fear no more! Nicki Minaj rocks striped pants with a brightly colored blazer and heels that lengthen her small frame proving that this look can be worn even on a curly gal. Stripes scream sophistication, maturity, and they’re fully functionally for any occasion –  business meeting, open mic night, whatever. Mix the pants with a classic blazer, heels and a fun vintage tee and give your wardrobe a voice of it’s own.

As president of your wardrobe, elect the next goodies for your closet. What issues are important to your closet campaign? Comment below or join the convo on Facebook!


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