By Mackenzie

If you’re like most of us and don’t live in a tropical paradise year round, you’re probably suffering from some winter beauty blues. We’re all unfortunately familiar with at least a few of these problems and Trend Hungry is here to save the day (and your beauty routine)!

winter beauty fixes

1. Dry Skin. Ugh, the worst! To treat dry, rough skin you must start in the shower! As much as we love hot showers, the temperature of the water greatly impacts your skin. Try taking a more mild shower and using a moisturizing soap or body wash (look for something with shea butter, almond, vitamin E, or jojoba oil). After showering, immediately lather on a lotion or body butter to lock in moisture quickly.

Your face needs extra attention during the winter months! Use a mild exfoliating wash to gentle buff away dead skin and always follow up with a moisturizer. If your skin is extra dry, or you want to give your skin some extra TLC, start using a night cream. The thicker formula penetrates skin throughout the night leaving you with hydrated, glowing skin in the AM!

2. Cracked Lips. Let me just start by saying this: never ever lick your lips when they are dry!! This only makes things worse. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, here are some ways to prevent getting those chapped lips in the first place. Again we need to start in the shower with an exfoliating lip scrub (click to watch our DIY lip scrub tutorial) which will get rid off all dead skin cells leaving your lips baby smooth. I always always always coat my lips in Vaseline before bed. The thick petroleum jelly is a skin protectant and will work wonders on your lips while you snooze. For daytime try to use a lip balm with shea butter and Vitamin E! Our favorite? EOS in Lemon Drop.

Tip: Try to only use the balm when you need it, overuse tends to cause dryness.

3. Frizzy Hair. To tame winter tresses, switch to a shampoo with coconut or macadamia base: these oils really help lock in moisture. After washing and conditioning, try a hydrating hair mask on wet hair once or twice a week, it only takes an extra 3-5 minutes and the results are amazing! On days when you are in rush, apply a dime-sized amount of moroccan oil to towel dried hair to detangle and smooth your locks. If you are using any hot tools (hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, etc) never ever forget to apply a heat protection spray to prevent heat damage (which reeeaally dries out hair).

Tip: It is a little known fact that hair is most brittle when wet, so to prevent breakage wait until hair dries to brush out tangles.

4. Cakey Or Cracked Makeup. The first step to preventing this beauty bummer is to moisturize properly and daily (see #1). Once you’ve moisturized, apply a primer. Primer gives you smooth, even skin, corrects redness (which is intensified during the winter months) and adds some extra velvety moisture. Next, apply a foundation like for light, natural coverage. We like CoverGirl’s Aqua Smoothers. Do not go overboard on heavy foundation, you don’t need it! Dab concealer (sparingly!) on any blemishes. Finish with a mineral powder to set the makeup.

Tip: If your face gets dry and itchy during the day, never put lotion or moisturizer on top of makeup! This will clog your pores and only give you more troubles. Instead, try a facial spray which hydrates without messing up makeup OR clogging pores! 

The last and most important tip you must know for staying beautiful during the cold months (and all year round) is to drink plenty of water! Staying hydrated is the number one way to keep your skin, lips, hair, and body nourished and healthy, so drink up and look gorgeous!

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