Get stylish in your own skin! Nationally recognized Style Expert (and my mentor!!) Jene Luciani shares her insider style tips and shows us that you don’t have to be a size zero to look fabulous… on a budget, of course! – Jessie

jene lucinai

Ladies – how many of you are dieting or vowing to exercise more this New Year? While healthy resolutions are always a good thing, it’s the UNhealthy ones that truly bother me. And when it comes to wanting to lose weight, a healthy aspiration can quickly turn unhealthy, before you even know it. As a veteran TV personality, author, columnist and someone who regularly goes on TV or appears at events giving fashion advice to women, I’m not blind to the fact that the fashion industry – and Hollywood for that matter – perpetuates an unnatural perception of what a woman’s body IS and should look like. While Jennifer Hudson may have lost her curves through a Weight Watchers diet and daily exercise with a trainer, others turn to starvation, excessive exercising and even worse methods – to get that coveted size zero frame.

So, after a recent appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, I received an email that motivated me to create a movement encouraging ALL women to finally accept and love the skin they are in. The email said “thank you for speaking to us – the REAL women of the world – and for not being a size zero.”

It’s so important for women to stand up, speak out, and take pride in the skin they’re in. It’s called the #NotA0Campaign and it’s an end to the dieting, starvation and overall desire to be as unnaturally skinny like the image being projected and perpetrated by much of Hollywood and the fashion industry. Even if you are a size zero, you can still support curves and a healthy body image for women and young girls. Let’s spread the word and share the love by tweeting at me @jeneluciani, and your followers, with the hashtag #nota0campaign!

Now that you’re on board with the message, it’s time to learn how to dress for your body. I’m all for teaching women how to work with what they’ve got. Even if you do decide to drop a few pounds, you’ll still know how to work with your body’s natural shape. But, you also don’t want to spend a lot of money!!!

If you do find an item you love but it’s out of your budget, keep a photo of it on your phone to reference when you’re out shopping at places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls, where you can get designer items at a discount. That way, you’ll have the designer ‘look’ as your inspiration, without committing to spending a lot of cash, for those exact items. Make sense? It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so stay focused on the trends you want to enjoy this coming season, and don’t stray from them.

But, if shopping online is more your speed, here are some ideas for fab trends that look great on women of all shapes and sizes!!!

outfit 1: the lvd

This dress is as sophisticated as it is sexy. Black is a color that is always in style and flattering for all body types. The dress is embossed with a trendy reptile design and has a ruched center panel that is knee length. And the best part, it is on sale for $68.60 on! srs: subtle sequins

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and wear something that sparkles. This skirt one of my favorite’s because the sequins are subtle but yet it adds a little spice to a simple pencil skirt. You can get this skirt for $69.95 on

Style the sparkly pencil skirt with this top from Old Navy Plus for an affordable price of $10.00! Being frugal never looked so fabulous. Tuck this fun printed top into the skirt to help show off your waistline, be sure to have fun with prints and different fabrics to make the outfit unique.

srs: layers

These bootcut, tummy-slimmer jeans are perfect for all women who want built in shapewear without having to wear a undergarment. For $30, Old Navy Plus offers these jeans that have a pocket lining that helps to flatten your stomach. Style your Old Navy Plus denim with this cable-knit poncho for $30.00. I love ponchos because they are comfortable and look adorable! Ponchos are a key to have in your closet because they are great items to transition seasons.

Jene’s Essential Recommendations

Pairing these Hanes convertible tights to your wardrobe is essential! I love these tights because they keep your warm, they are comfortable and they serve a two-in-one purpose. The tights can be footless or put the hidden toe pocket for foot coverage at a great price of $11.99.

Shapewear is essential to have in your closet, thigh slimmer by Hanes for $11.99. This is great because you can wear this under all of your outfits helping smooth out your body. If you don’t like to wear something that is full body, then maybe opt for a high-waisted brief for less coverage but targeting your tummy area.

Look for Jene on NBC’s TODAY SHOW on 1/18 in the 10 AM hour where she’ll be talking fashion tricks and trends that flatter your curves! Stay connected with Jene by visiting or on Facebook at “The Bra Book” or “Jene Luciani.” – JH

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