I hate cleaning, but will definitely make more of an effort with a sponge that’s leopard print. Project Runway’s Christian Siriano takes a household cleaning item and has made it fabulous on a skinny budget.

Image courtesy of O-Cel-O

Normally when I see gimmicky items like this I want them, but don’t buy them. Andthat’s usually because they’re over priced and I can’t justify paying designer price for something I can buy at the dollar store. These sponges are different, very different. A pack of three is only $3.60.

Christian should seriously be my new best friend. He’s so creative and makes sure to cater to us trend-hungry fashionistas on a skinny budget – the way to my heart!!

Click here to check out a shootie he did for Payless that I LOVE and check back because now that he’s stolen my heart I’m going to dedicate a future post to his amazing Payless line!! (Dear Payless, if you’re reading this your welcome for the free publicity).

Would you use a designer sponge? Tell me!! Leave a comment!



YES I totally would buy a leopard print sponge and other cool designer sponges!!


They’re so cute! Can’t wait to get a pack!!

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