Being a fashionista can be tiring. The morning after a fun night, whether it’s a walk of shame or you’re just starving and are in need of Dunkin Donuts, it’s not typically a fashionable scene. Here are my quick fixes to looking stunning while still being a scum bag.

1. Sunglasses – the bigger the better. If you look like Nicole Richie you’re golden. I prefer wearing an enormous pair of sun shields when I’m too lazy to wash off my eye makeup from the day before.

2. Lip gloss – distracts from the rest of your awful look and makes it look like you “put your face on”.

3. Trendy Hat – not necessary, unless your hair is greasy, gross and can’t be tamed.

If you can’t get your hands on a hat, put some baby powder in your hair. Pat it in along the roots to absorb grease. It seriously works!

My gloss: Liquid Lipshine, New York Color, $2.49 at Walmart.

My Fedora: Charlotte Russe circa 2008, but they have one now too!

My sunglasses: a gift, but my homegirl got them for me on ShoeDazzle in a set of three for $30.00.

P.S. I hope you think my pics are as funny as I think they are! Leave comments!!

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