I’m assuming if you read my stream of consciousness I call a fashion blog, then you’re pretty up on style and trends – read mags, watch vids on the tube, subscribe to other blogs. But, if I pegged you wrong then here’s a news flash: CORAL IS THE “IT” COLOR!

Nails, makeup, clothes, bikinis, everything looks good in coral – well, for the most part. One thing in particular is this dress.

It’s a swing dress. The name is derived from France meaning… nevermind, I was totally kidding. What’s not a joke is that this color is flattering on anyone, pale or dark … coral is complimentary. Plus, it looks killer with a little glow that you’ll have soon enough if you haven’t already been spraying yourself (don’t fake bake, very bad and you don’t want tons of wrinkles).

Tag: Sparkle & Fade Basic Knit Swing Dress, $39.00 at Urban Outfitters.


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