Did you watch the royal wedding? It was only the event of the century!! Unfortunately I missed it because I work mad late and needed to sleep, but that doesn’t mean I missed the royal fashions!!!

First the dress. I know every media outlet has already covered it, but this wouldn’t be a fashion blog if I didn’t mention it. And it’s SO worth mentioning! Sarah Burton, the designer and creative director of Alexander McQueen, created an exquisite gown that was regal, but modern for the modern Kate Middleton.

Kate had a lot to do with the design and it’s apparent she’s a style icon for a reason. See for yourself! So was this dress what YOU expected? Chat with me by leaving a comment.

I’ve got WAY more to type about the wedding fashions – the maid of honor’s dress, what Kate HAD to do herself, and the hats!!!

Expect more posts to satisfy your royal cravings, but don’t worry I’ll keep it skinny. No need to stuff you too much with wedding fashion overkill. Cool??

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