Last week we posted about Khloe Kardashian Odom’s cray-cray hair part. She took to Twitter to show it off and now Lauren Conrad Instagrammed her pink locks. What’s going on with celebs social sharing their colorful tresses? We’re not mad at it, but we’re not sure about rocking the style ourselves.

celebrity trend: lauren conrad pink hair from paint

LC’s wasn’t on purpose. Her pretty blonde hue got splashed with paint at the festival of colors called Holi Festival.

As you may recall, Nicki Minaj made this colorful style popular a couple years back. Celebs clearly love their colors!

We don’t recommend using paint to snag the style, but we do recommend Pop of Color by Rita Hazen spray made for your hair ($18), aka the same one  Khloe Kardashian. It’s temporary, as cotton candy hair may not be something you’d like to commit to.

An even more fab and frugal find is Beyond The Zone Color Bombz Air Head Pink. It’s only around $6 and can be bought at Sally Beauty.

So would you do this do? Comment below!

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grey, lilac, dusty pink, mint, pastel cornflower…those are all colors that are totally in right now for all the lovely ladies with light blonde hair. the trend started a couple of years ago and could be seen on catwalks all over, bloggers en masse show how to achieve their looks…
i myself have a light pastel navy-purple mix on my head and love it to bits!
and the great thing: you dont have to commit completely, wait a couple of weeks, wash regularly and you can try another hue next time! <3


So cute! Love your daring style. You def sound like you know how to rock it! My hari is super dark so I use a clip-in blonde extension when I want to add color.

XO!- Jessie

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