One of the Kardashian’s is up to some risky fashion, and it’s not Kim. Khloe Kardashian donned a sheer blouse on last week’s X-Factor episode. Sheer can certainly be sexy. But is this really appropriate for network TV? The blogosphere is buzzing about this daring fashion choice.

What we want to know: 1. Do you think this style was trashy or trendy. 2. Who was her stylist? 3. Um, what was she thinking?

Okay, that should cover it. Comment below and share your take on this fashion choice.

P.S. Sheer is totally on trend, so scroll through the showroom below. Just remember to wear a bra.




Put a friggen bra on girlfriend! You’re on national TV!!!!!! TRASH TRASH TRASH!


I do not think this is trashy at all. In fact, it is open, honest, sexy, and very effeminate. Why should we women be ashamed of our breasts as if they are a dirty secret to keep hidden? I love going out for an evening wearing a sheer blouse with nothing on beneath it. It is a statement of showing the world I am not ashamed of my womanhood. In fact, countless women have told me how great it is to see a woman have the courage to wear a sheer blouse in public and they wish they had the courage to do it, too. Women need to get past the puritanical mindset of breasts needing to be hidden. If men don’t have to hide theirs, why should we hide ours?

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