Yellow is an underestimated color. I love it with my dark hair, but don’t tend to buy much of it. Well, if you like this sunny shade, then this is the time to wear it. Summer is in full swing and your tan is probably at its peak, and guess what, yellow makes that sunkissed skin really pop. That’s right, this color enhances your skin tone in these warmer-temp months.

So many celebs are embracing this hue and I stumbled upon a roundup on Coco Perez. The Fashion Police officer Miss Kelly Osbourne works it in the the bright shade and even she looks tanner thanks to her color choice.


Yes To Yellow
1. Dress  $125 $50 @ Asos /2. Sandals $25 @ ModCloth / 3. Fedora $13 @ Forever 21 / 4. Shorts $32 @ Etsy / Print $14.95 @ Etsy.
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