By Kelsey

If you always have the desire to have everything around you matching, listen up. Unless you’re a 5-year-old twin, matching is not cute. There is a time and place to look exactly the same as everyone else, that place is the military, private school and any type of public service job. Don’t make the mistake of turning fashion into a boring, unoriginal experience. Spare yourself and your loved ones the embarrassment now and stop with the matchy –matchy  eye sore you think is “stylish”.

Top offenders of this horrific fashion blunder are Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise. Katie Holmes, please stop the awkward encounters of people mistaking your child for a life-sized, “look-alike” American Girl doll.  Looking like your small child is not something to be proud of.  With the endless fashion possibilities Katie Homles has, she should not look like she just got done shopping at Baby Gap.

Katie & Suri Matching, as Usual. Image Via Just Jared


Other matchy-matchy offenders are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (or Kimye, as I like to call them).  Please stop dressing alike, you are not going to prom, your outfits do not have to coordinate. You both are look cutting edge (leather will be huge this fall), but these outfits work much better when you’re at different locations.

Kimye's Leather Look. Image Via Pacific Coast News

So to all the matchy- matchy offenders out there, consider this your fashion warning. There is a fine line between cute and horrendous, don’t flirt with it, stick to being the original fashionista that you are!

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