By Kelsey

If you’re looking to inject some fun into your work wardrobe then a bright blazer is the cure. Pops of color are an instant way to give your fashion a fun feel and stand out in a sea of biz boredom. A bright-hued blazer over a neutral outfit will take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Stars Sophia Bush and Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing this trend and for good reason – it grabs attention. Kim has been spotted in almost every color – pink, orange, yellow, blue, red, green. She is owning it!


Kim Kardashian Image Via Anita Samantha

Plus, these fun blazers are so versatile that you can pair with almost anything; a dress, a basic t-shirt, jeans and shorts or with a skirt and it will change the whole look of your outfit.

How do you feel about adding a vibrant blazer to your collection? Or, are you like Kim K. and own one is every color? Comment below!


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