By Morgan

This will have you hooked like a magnet.  Partly because it’s magnetic!  Sally Hansen is ingenious and never ceases to amaze, especially with the new magnetic nail polish! This mezmerizing polish is very budget friendly, comes in eight different colors, and looks like it will give nails a 3-D effect… but I had to put it to the test.

 And, the picture speaks for itself. Magnetic nail polish is a must-try trend. The directions are conveniently located on the polish bottle.  Not even a magnet could get it closer than that.


So have you tried this trend? Comment below!

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One comment


I gave this trend a go a few months back. I snagged my from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Initially I wasn’t digging the colors. A lot of them tend to be pretty dark which is a hit or miss deal with me. If you happen to buy them at Sally’s be careful as one set cmes with the top magnet and another set you have to buy the three pack of magnets separately.

The trend itself is “okay” My MIL was a nail tech and her first thought of the look was it almost looks like a smeared polish. I did however end upo falling in love with the deep raspberry color I got :O

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