The only constant is change.

And now …

I’m a mommy! We have a baby!! It’s so surreal. Baby boy made his debut just over two weeks ago. He decided to join us a few days after his due date, which made him a May baby like his daddy.

My little Taurus (that’s his sign, not his name) was pretty low in my belly at the end of my pregnancy, which made for lots of pressure for me, but a pretty quick labor and delivery (more on that another time). And more importantly, baby and mommy are healthy.

His name is Jack Samuel.

How did we choose a name? First of all we liked very few boy names. We also wanted to carry on the J tradition – I’m Jessie, my husband is Justin and his dad and my dad also have J names.

We wanted: Something classic, cool, strong and with meaning… and once we thought of Jack nothing else compared. However, we chose not to commit to the name until we met him.

Fun fact: my name was Jennifer for the first day of life until my grandma suggested Jessica. So we decided not to name him until he made his debut to be sure it fit him.

He’s named after: My husband’s grandfather was Jack and my grandpa was Sam. My hubby was the only male in his family to carry on his last name until our boy arrived. It feels special that our little one is Jack and is carrying on the family name and the J tradition. Little Jack has a spoon that says Jack that was once his great grandpa’s and it even has a note to go with it from the original Jack’s mom, which would be our baby’s great great grandmother. This momento feels extra special and I take it as a sign that he was meant to be named Jack.

The middle name: Right before leaving the hospital, we decided on the middle name as we were filling out the birth certificate. Prior to that we considered lots of middle names and thought of foregoing one. I chose my middle name when I got confirmation so not having one was what we were leaning towards, but then I suggested Samuel and it just felt right. I was very close to my Grandpa Sam.

The meaning: Jack means God is gracious. Samuel is biblical and means God has heard. In Greek (my husband is half Greek) it translates to “the one who listens to God.”

We absolutely love his name. And of course, we LOVE him immensely. These two weeks with Jack have flown by. It makes me sad that the time is going so quick. I’m in no way saying it’s been easy. Becoming a parent is a huge adjustment and a total roller coaster of emotion, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’ll be blogging more soon. He’s waking up from a nap now, so I’m back on duty.

Looking forward to sharing more life here. Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Jessie

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