I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posting about a few DV by Dolce Vita sandal. Not gonna lie. I really like the look, like A LOT! I like the shoe so much that I want it in more than one color and I considered paying the price, almost $70.00. But then, good old Target came through. They’re not identical, but they’re close enough and look pretty darn fabulous!

Same shade pink. Same gold in the center. Same tiny heel. Same pitter patter my heart does when ogling these babies. I bet I’d get some major compliments with my steal.


Tag: L: Women’s Mossimo Poeske Flat Sandal, $14.99 @ Target.

R: DV by Dolce Vita Archer Sandal$69.00 @ Revolve Clothing.

Take Note: The steal looks even more luxe in black, but they come in white too, and mint. The mint stunning, for real, but I am a little obsessed with mint.


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I like the Target ones better actually! And I too am COMPLETELY obsessed with Mint!!!

Love your posts about the look-a-likes for less!


Thanks for reading and commenting! We’ll be mint-shoe twins 🙂

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