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Announcement: South Moon Under‘s Philadelphia location is having a HUGE event coming up in only a few weeks and Trend Hungry will be there (I’m hosting)!!! Get excited because this will be the ultimate girl’s night out and until the event (Sept 13th) we’ll be blogging about their fabulous trends and the itinerary as it gets closer (hint: cupcakes and free stuff!), so you’ll be fully aware and ready for a night of fashion & fun.


So let’s kick it all off with a pop of color! That’s been trending for a while, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Check out these colorful finds from South Moon Under!

smu 1

1. Emi Jay Hair Ties – these are a fashionista must-have. If there were a survival guide for fabulous females, these would be in it. Tons of bloggers are fans, and for good reason. They’re cute and functional! ($14.95)

2.Mrs. Lillien’s Cocktail Swatchbook – This woman makes looking glamourous and tossing up signature cocktails look easy. If you’re in the mood for savory sips snag this book, ohh and check out her blog – love it! ($15 $8.99)

3. Colorful High-Low Hemline – Feeling fun, yet relaxed? That’s what this dress is all about. Get ready to stand out in style. ($158 $49.99)

4.Color-Block Earrings: They fit a skinny budget and the wooden features make them a great transition piece for next season. (Was $108 $29.99)

 5. Little Neon Clutch: This comes in a few other highlighter shades and is sure to take any plain old outfit to a whole new bright and stylish level. ($18.50)
Comment below and tell me what ya think of these bright shades!

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Yes, I’m a guy, but I’m totally considering ordering up Mrs. Lillien’s Cocktail Swatchbook!


I don’t own it yet, but have been wanting it for a while, and it’s on sale!

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