If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know I’m slightly obsessed with ombre. I’ve got subtle ombre highlights, glitter ombre my nails, and now I’m in need of a cleanse to lose ten pounds and an ombre bikini to go with!

Green not your color? There are tons of choices so pick a top and a bottom in different colors in similar shade. Viola! You’ve got an ombre bikini that’s unique, cheap on the wallet, and so cute!

Now I just need a vacay and a cleanse. Any suggestions on liquid diets? Or should I finally start using my yoga mat?

Tag: Abbie Sliding Triangle Top, $20.00, Matching Bottoms $18.00 at Victoria’s Secret.

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oooooh I am loving this…


Thanks for reading!!


love it love it love it get me to the gym!


I’ll join you!

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